Viverant Integrative Clinic


Dr. Agustin Alberto Ramirez, MD

Dr. Agustin Alberto Ramirez is a board certified primary care physician serving the same area in which he was raised. Dr. Ramirez grew up in Louisville and attended St. Xavier High School. He received his undergraduate and medical degree from the University of Louisville. After completing his residency in Family Medicine at Indiana University in Indianapolis, he returned to Louisville with his wife and daughter. Dr. Ramirez specializes in preventative medicine, acute care, disease management, and maintenance of physical and mental health through exercise, diet and spirtuality. Being both English and Spanish he hopes to positively impact the health of patients in the Louisville and Southern Indiana region through an individualized approach to each patient.

Dr. Robert F. Moore. N.M.D., C.N.C.

Dr. Moore resides in Jeffersonville along with his wife Napa. As a member of the United States shooting team, Dr. Moore won a gold medal and set a world record at the 1985 World Shooting Championships. Dr. Moore believes we need to teach, investigate, counsel and treat patients as part of an overall “medical team”, providing the patient, the best support possible by utilizing state of the art IV therapy, diet therapy, lifestyle counseling, nutritional therapy, and coordination of medical approaches with primary care physicians. Dr. Moore believes in addressing the underlying cause of disease while engaging the patient in therapeutic partnership allows for a more patient-centered approach. This requires the health care professional to spend time with each patient, which if successful, should bring about long-term health and healing or vitality for each individual; allowing the patient to be empowered and not feeling like a victim of their illness. Dr. Moore is a Board-Certified, Licensed Naturalpathic Doctor and a Certified Nutritional Consultant with over 30 years experience. Dr. Moore’s mentor was Dr. Wolverton where he had the privilege to work for 12 years at his 21st Century Medical Clinic in Clarksville, Indiana. Dr. Moore is currently semi-retired spending much time each year as a medical missionary in Thailand. Dr. Moore loves to travel and has visited over 100 countries. Dr. Moore has made himself available for consultation at Viverant Integrative Clinic and can be booked for appointments. An appointment is usually 1 hour.

Dr. Moore & Dr. Ramirez