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For treatment of depression, anxiety, opiate withdrawal, PTSD, and chronic pain. Six rounds of consecutive IV's are administered in a controlled environment. Once finished the patient can return for injections if needed (boosters). This treatment has shown many benefits for patients and has let them enjoy life again. It is also used on patients who are contemplating suicide. We have seen remarkable recoveries from patients.

Ketamine resets the pleasure center in the brain and helps with cortisol and serotonin levels. We may also suggest vitamins to help correct any problems the patient may be having. The patient must be off of certain medication before starting. Call to set up an appointment with the doctor to see if you qualify for this treatment. It is life saving.

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"The treatments that I recieve here are always done with great compassion and professionalism. The environment is very conducive to healing and I enjoy the advice and recommendations I get from other patients as well."

- Sarah J.